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How It All Started


Kryptologyk was founded in 2021 by a Canadian citizen who worked for many years as a lawyer. In addition to his own law firm, he has set up several successful businesses in Asia over the last 20 years.

He first started investing in cryptocurrency in 2017. Since then, he has devoted a large amount of his time learning, studying, consulting, and working in the crypto market.

Later, he used the knowledge acquired through artificial intelligence and other tools to make large cryptocurrency investments. What followed were steady returns, regardless of what the markets were doing. Diligence, hard work, and knowledge paid off and continue to do so. It all works on some script and AI reading the market in real time.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

At the moment, public perception of cryptocurrencies is rather negative. This is informed by biased news reports and financial firms that either know very little about cryptocurrencies or are unable to compete with and/or profit from the crypto markets.

To be fair, 2022 was the worst year on record for cryptocurrencies in terms of lost revenue. Still, 300 million people buy and sell cryptocurrencies every day, thereby generating a total market cap of $1 billion.

It is a huge market that, while at times extremely volatile, shows no signs of fading from existence. Quite the contrary, regardless of what talking heads on “business channels” might say.

However, 2022 wasn’t just a bad year for the cryptocurrency market. It was also one of the worst years in almost a century to invest in just about anything. The US stock market lost value, bond yields became inverted, and interest rates at banks were unfavorably low, while inflation is high and steadily rising.

First month after Beta tests – June 2023 :


For more than a decade, the largest brokerages and investment firms in the world have been using artificial intelligence systems (AI) for “High-Frequency Trading” (HFT). This practice has given those entities a sizable advantage when it comes to investment strategies.

Today, thanks to advances in AI technology and availability, many of the tools used by the biggest and most profitable financial companies can be used by anyone. All it takes is patience, a willingness to learn, and the ability to adapt to changes in the market.  Kryptologyk is a press Urs or in the field and makes it easier for you to use these tools.

Kryptologyk uses artificial intelligence for online trading and has the potential to earn you a 50% return per year, and possibly even more.

These numbers can be verified through backtesting; a method used with our script and previous years’ data to optimize returns and track performance. Kryptologyk ran thousands of backtests for months using real money to be sure it was efficient and profitable.

Based on our backtesting results, Kryptologyk’s system can generate profits whether the market goes down or up. Furthermore, black swan events, such as Covid, can be handled without having to sacrifice potential earnings.

Sounds impossible, I know. But, read on and you will understand what we do, how it works, and why we can consistently beat the market with handsome returns.


Several IT engineers, computer programmers, and seasoned cryptocurrency traders worked to create and develop Kryptologyk.

Together, we created a system that routinely outperforms manual traders, is highly adaptive to current market conditions, and regularly generates profits.

Back in 2017, I was a successful Canadian lawyer working in Thailand and decided to buy some Bitcoin. Within one month, the value had increased by 40%. So, I sold it quickly and thought that I would never go back to cryptocurrencies.

However, I was wrong. The “crypto seed” had been planted and it was not long before the roots of Kryptologyk began to flower.

To illustrate how serious I was about this project, I put all my resources into it and even sold my law firm.

With more than 1,000 endorsements and reviews for my legal work on my LinkedIn profile, I took a huge risk. However, I saw that crypto could be very profitable.

Unfortunately, 2022 showed me another side to cryptocurrencies – you can also lose a lot of money. I didn’t let it discourage me and tried to find ways to make profits. I worked harder and finally found a solution. So, let me tell you how I got here.

Kryptologyk Timeline

The influence of technology has gone beyond that of our imagination. We want to change that. By striving to test technology with our imagination, the future can be one of promise and plenty.
Kryptologyk (Thailand) Co. Ltd is registered under the laws of Thailand. We are audited and abide the law.
Website Launch
Kryptologyk.com goes live
Opening to the Public around 2024
Kryptologyk.com branch in Thailand opens.
Kryptologyk should attends and be presents at some international event to eventually diversify, adapt the scripts to forex, stocks and othrrs.
Who knows? MIning Operations?
Mining operations for select cryptocurrencies through dedicated Kryptologyk servers commence.

Our Team Our Commitment

At Kryptologyk, we use also consultants from all around the world to research different blockchain projects and look for companies that are developing ways to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain enterprises more efficient and accessible.

We abide by the laws concerning cryptocurrencies and financial transactions. And we go one step further – we ensure fairness. We will never get behind any blockchain project, token, or coin that is a pump-n-dump/ponzi scheme, has no real world utility, is not secure, or cannot be verified as legitimate.

Even when the potential returns are off the charts, Kryptologyk will not be party to any kind of venture that is likely to enrich a few while impoverishing many. In fact, we will send warnings to our clients and the larger crypto world about any fraudulent cryptos we discover.

We are committed to bringing the promise of financial freedom offered by real and practical cryptocurrencies to every human on the planet. And until that time arrives we will do our best to support the less fortunate.